The purpose of the AceMTA WikiaEdit

Welcome to the AceMTA Roleplay wikia, bent on giving you as a player, trivial and character story reading material from an Out Of Character (OOC) point of view. This page was orgininally made by the Ace-Servers staff in order for players to get a better hint of other characters' physical appearances, background history and other nice-to-know OOC info which should be solely used for that purpose. Any information taken from this page and used as In Character (IC) intelligence will therefore be valued as metagaming and treated accordingly. This Wikia can administrate and treat any information coming out of the AceMTA RP server with time and therefore expand. The categories may range from character descriptions to a fact-based overview of a town or a city district aswell as for example a timeline displaying interesting date-based evnts to both of these options. Everyone is allowed to contribute to this Wikia as long as they don't intrude (edit or make changes) on another roleplayer's pages without their approval, spout discrimination or disrespect of any kind or simply being an imbecile. Moderation will be taken against anything inappropriate.

Getting startedEdit

In order to sign up, simply look up to the right hand corner of this page. In terms of adding a new roleplay character or any other kind of AceMTA-relevant, trivial page, look to the right for the "Contribute" button. Thereafter click "Add a page" and choose your layout to get started!

Here are the templates that you need to start your own page:


{{Template:Infobox character
 |image = 
 |caption = 
 |aliases = 
 |nationality = 
 |birthdate = 
 |deathdate = 
 |ethnicity = 
 |status = 
 |location = 
 |eyecolor = 
 |skincolor = 
 |family = 
 |affilliations = 
 |occupations = 
 |vehicles = }}

Illegal faction:

{{Template:Infobox illegal
|founder = 
|aliases = 
|leaders = 
|membership = 
|rackets = 
|fronts = 
|affilliations = ]}}

Legal faction:

{{Template:Infobox legal
|image = asd
|imagewidth = asd
|caption = asd
|founder = asd
|aliases = asd
|leaders = asd
|membership = asd
|type = asd
|hq = asd
|divisions = asd
|affilliations = asd}}


{{Template:Infobox business
|image = 
|imagewidth = 
|caption =
|mapcaption = 
|name = 
|founders = 
|foundingdate = 
|type = 
|adress = 
|phnumber = 
|owners = 
|exowners = }}