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Organization Information
Founder(s) Samuel Barsetti
Also known as Vice Point Crew

New Palermo Crew

Led by Anthony Scordato
Notable members Samuel Barsetti, Giacomo Copelli, Gerald Fiumano, William Abramo
Rackets Loansharking, grand theft auto, protection racket, chop shop, fencing, drug trafficking, weapon smuggling
Fronts Luigi's Pizzeria
Affilliations N/A

The Scordato Crew


Vice City (1990-2000)


Beginning of downfallEdit

Last days of Vice Point CrewEdit

'Vice Point Crew' case - successfullEdit

Los Santos (2002-present)Edit

Moving westward (2001)Edit

Abate period (2002-2004)Edit

Fiumano period (2004-2008)Edit

Alessio period (2008-2010)Edit

Scordato period (2010-present)Edit

Notable membersEdit




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